The number of testing kits Manitoba has asked the federal government for


The federal government is sending millions of COVID-19 testing kits throughout the country as Canada tries to get the Omicron variant under control and Manitoba has shared the number of tests it is requesting.

A spokesperson for the province told CTV News that Manitoba had asked the feds for 19.4 million tests and later for an additional 6.1 million to bring the total to 25.5 million.

This would ensure 8.5 million tests a month for the first three months of 2022.

“As of yesterday the federal government announced that it would be distributing tests based on per capita, which the province is being advised is 5M per month, a total of 15M over the first three months of 2022,” the spokesperson said.

The province has yet to receive a confirmation of how many tests it will receive.

The spokesperson added Manitoba has received tests in 2022, but it was supply that was part of the December order.

Manitoba recorded 2,548 new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday and the spike in cases has caused several businesses to close their doors temporarily to prevent further spread.

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