‘This is the worst’: Body of newborn girl found in Winnipeg woman’s garbage bin

WARNING: This story contains disturbing details.

People living in a North End neighbourhood are in shock after Winnipeg police revealed Wednesday they found the body of a newborn girl early last month in a back lane garbage bin.

The newborn’s mother has been charged with manslaughter and concealing the body of a child.

Winnipeg police allege the woman put her daughter in the garbage while the baby was still alive.

Area residents comforted each other following a police media conference where they revealed information about the tragic and troubling discovery.

Officers were called May 3 to Boyd Avenue outside Jackie Black’s home. More than a month later, Black and her family members finally learned what brought officers to the area.

“This is awful,” Black said. “Everything I’ve heard going in on the news the last month, this is the worst. This is absolutely the worst.”

“That’s just too much – a baby. I have six kids. I have a baby, a little tiny grandbaby.”

Officers wouldn’t elaborate on exactly who led investigators to the area. They would only say police were called to the back lane and found the baby girl’s body.

At that time the Black and her family, who live in the home police had taped off, had no idea why officers were there but they found out Wednesday and were left both shocked and saddened to learn a newborn was placed in their garbage bin.

“No matter what, this is not okay,” Black said. “There are so many other ways… you’re allowed to not want to be a parent. You’re allowed to give your baby up. To do it this way, not okay.”

Investigators said the child, who they’ve identified as Baby Moar, was born at a home in Garden City and believe she was left in the garbage bin while she was still alive.

“A female adult was identified as giving birth to the baby and arrested at a nearby residence by officers,” said Const. Claude Chancy.

Chancy said the woman was then taken to hospital for medical reasons.

She was charged with multiple offences on June 7 while being held at the Women’s Correctional Institute in Headingley in relation to the discovery of the child’s body.

Jeanene Rosa Moar, 31, of Winnipeg has been charged with manslaughter and concealing the body of a child. She currently remains in custody.

The charge has not been proven in court.

Officers wouldn’t say how long they think the baby was in the garbage bin or give the exact age of the newborn.

Black said she saw or heard nothing unusual in the lead-up to the police presence outside her home on May 3 but is now left with many questions and emotions.

“I’m angry,” Black said. “I can’t even think…was she crying? Was she cold?”

Black said her mom heard officers say in May something about a baby blanket when they were outside her home but learning a newborn was found dead inside the bin has left her shaken.

She had just finished cleaning the yard with her husband the morning police showed up.

“The next thing you know, half an hour later, there’s a whole bunch of cops in my driveway, in my yard, in my alley and I’m just like, ‘what’s going on?’”

Black thinks her husband may have found the infant if he had taken the trash out to the bin earlier that morning but instead, he left it in their yard.

Chancy said police are only notifying the public now because it’s been a very fluid investigation.

“There’s a lot of investigative aspects and medical analysis and forensic analysis that has to be carried out,” Chancy said. “This is not a common case.”

Black doesn’t know the woman. Her focus now is on remembering the newborn baby, who police said is the city’s 23rd homicide victim of 2022.

Officers said it was determined through the investigation the woman charged was the newborn’s birth mother.

Police said the charge of manslaughter was laid in consultation with the Crown.

They wouldn’t comment on a cause of death. 

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