Two Manitobans in the ICU with COVID-19 are under the age of 10

A spokesperson from Shared Health confirmed on Tuesday that there are currently 51 patients in Manitoba’s ICU with COVID-19, including two under the age of 10.

The spokesperson noted that 29 of the ICU patients have active cases and 22 are considered post-infectious, but are still sick enough to require intensive care.

The following is a breakdown of the age of the patients in Manitoba ICUs with COVID-19:

  • Two patients aged zero to nine years of age. Both have active cases;
  • There are no patients in the ICU aged 10 to 19;
  • Three patients aged 20 to 29. All three have active cases;
  • Six people aged 30 to 39. Five of these people have active cases and one is post-infectious;
  • Eleven patients aged 40 to 49. Four have active cases and seven are post-infectious;
  • Six patients aged 50 to 59, including three active cases and three post-infectious cases;
  • Thirteen patients aged 60 to 69. Six have active cases and seven are post-infectious;
  • Eight people aged 70 to 79. Four have active cases and four are post-infectious; and
  • Two people aged 80 to 89. Both these people have active cases.

The provincial COVID-19 dashboard shows that there are 49 cases in the ICU as of Tuesday. The Shared Health spokesperson explained the discrepancy is because the provincial data team’s algorithm that captures the ICU patient information for COVID-19 patients did not include pediatric cases.

The province said it is working to align the dashboard with Shared Health’s numbers.

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