Use of police dog during Brandon arrest was lawful: police watchdog

WINNIPEG — An investigation by Manitoba’s police watchdog has concluded that Brandon police were “lawful” in using a police dog to help arrest a suspect in a break and enter.

On Oct. 9, 2020, officers were called about two men who were reportedly damaging cars in a parking lot connected to a business in Brandon.

The Independent Investigation of Manitoba (IIU) said when officers arrived, they found a window was broken in the business and a man was inside.

The IIU said police asked the man to surrender and warned they would use a police dog if he didn’t. The man refused and police released the dog and bit the man on his left arm.

The man required 14 staples to close the bite wound.

Brandon police told the IIU about the situation on Oct. 13.

The IIU said the dog bite was classified as a serious injury and it was required to investigate.

During the investigation, investigators reviewed reports from police, the officers, photographs of the injury, medical reports, 911 calls, police radio transmissions, Brandon police’s policy on police dogs and a use of force report.

The IIU investigated whether the use of force was justified.

After the investigation, the IIU said the suspect was given warnings before the dog was used and still failed to surrender and therefore determined police were lawful in using a dog.

The IIU said the investigation is now complete and the matter is closed.

The man who was bit by the dog is still facing charges connected to the incident, which remain before the court.

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