‘We are all together’: Ukrainian family reunites in Winnipeg

A mother and her baby son have touched down in Winnipeg, bringing their family together for the first time in months.

The Kysliak family has been separated for three months. Father Nykola Kysliak and three of his children arrived in Manitoba in August. Mother Nataliia and baby Jakub were held back by paperwork in Ukraine – and living 60 kilometres from the Russian border.

The two stayed in Ukraine for two months waiting for Jakub’s paperwork.

“It was really maybe a little bit stressful and a little bit hard to just speak three months through the phone,” son Artem said.

After securing the paperwork two weeks ago – Nataliia and Jakub embarked to Poland, the first leg of a long journey to Winnipeg.

However, the family would have to wait even longer to see each other.

The mother and son’s flight from Toronto was delayed three hours – landing at 2 a.m.

Meanwhile, in Winnipeg, a snowstorm struck, partly snowing in the family vehicle. Despite the incoming flurry of snow, Nykola and Artem arrived at the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport with minutes to spare.

Scanning the airport escalator, they saw Nataliia and Jakub descending, embracing them at the bottom.

“We are all together. So it’s great to see our mom and baby brother again,” Artem said. “Baby brother is really smiling right now. So he’s happy and mom is happy too.”

The family says they’re very grateful to everyone who helped them reunite.

They are now ready to start their lives in Manitoba – together. 

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