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Winnipeg city council to call for landfill search from feds and province

Winnipeg city council has voted to call on the federal and provincial governments to fund a landfill search.

Councillors Cindy Gilroy (Daniel Mclntyre) and Vivan Santos (Point Douglas) brought a motion to the city back in July, which called on city council to formally request the federal and provincial governments to fund a search of the Prairie Green Landfill.

The remains of Marcedes Myran and Morgan Harris, victims of an alleged serial killer, are believed to be located in the landfill.

Gilroy told council on Thursday she hopes this will send a clear message.

“I just think that this is an opportunity for us as a council to really stand behind something united knowing that there is an issue here in Winnipeg that is far greater than anywhere else in Canada,” she told her fellow councillors.”

In speaking to council Thursday, Sandra DeLaronde with the MMIWG2S+ Implementation Committee, urged the city to act expeditiously and formally request the higher levels of government fund a search.

She said it has nearly been a year since the families were told Winnipeg police would not search the landfill.

“Despite promises to search, despite evidence presented that a search is feasible, we are here again with governments failing to take responsibility for the most vulnerable of our citizens,” she said.

“I also believe that you have the power to bring their loved ones home, without debate, without delay and with the dignity that is accorded to all human beings as a fundamental human right.”

Her address to council received a round of applause.

Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham said he wouldn’t support the motion, saying the decision is up to the federal and provincial governments.

“I’ll continue to support the families and continue to do all I can as mayor, but the position that I’ve had and maintain is that it is up to the federal and provincial governments ultimately to decide whether or not to search the Prairie Green Landfill, and to provide the full funding – the funding for such a search,” he told council.

In the end the motion passed with nine councillors voting for it and six voting against it.

Gilroy told CTV News council will now be writing a letter calling for the two levels of government to fund a search.

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