Woman stabbed after trying to intervene in assault at The Forks Saturday night

A woman was stabbed at The Forks parkade Saturday evening when she tried to intervene in a fight using her car, but was swarmed by a group of assailants. 

Police say it was one of several stabbings that happened this past weekend, including one where a 13-year-old was seriously injured and another where a woman suffered a life-altering injury. 

The incident at The Forks happened around 9 p.m.

Police say a group of four or more people had confronted a man and a woman, and were punching and kicking them. 

A 29-year-old woman was driving through the parkade at the time, and tried to position her vehicle between the suspects and the victims, police said in a news release.

However, police say the suspects swarmed her vehicle, and somehow were able to get to the woman inside and stab her. 

At a news conference Monday, Const. Dani McKinnon said she was not sure how the group got to the woman in the vehicle. 

After the woman was stabbed, the group fled, while the man and woman who the group had previously assaulted called 911 and helped the 29-year-old woman until paramedics arrived. 

The woman was taken to hospital in critical condition with severe injuries, but her condition has since improved.

Two 17-year-old teen boys have been arrested and charged with assault.

Life-altering injury 

In another incident on Friday evening, in the area of Pritchard Avenue and Aikins Street, police say two women were stabbed by a man after a dispute at a park escalated.

Police say a group of people were at the park when an argument broke out between two people. One of the men involved in the dispute stabbed a woman there, and when another woman stepped in to defend her, she was stabbed by the same man, suffering a life-altering injury. 

McKinnon said she couldn’t elaborate on the nature of the injury, but said it was extremely serious. 

Two teen girls, aged 16 and 17, were taken to hospital in stable condition. 

A 19-year-old man was arrested and is now facing assault and weapon-related charges. He was released on an undertaking. 

McKinnon said these incidents — plus another at a pet grooming business that happened that same weekend where a bystander de-escalated the situation — show the decision of whether to intervene in a crime taking place is a difficult one. 

“I often find myself, after reading these releases and some of the reports, wondering how would I respond specifically to this event if I was off duty, if I was at home, if it was on the weekend,” she said. 

“There is that human aspect. Good people want to help, sometimes that’s reasonable to do, sometimes that’s not reasonable to do.”

If you find yourself in this type of situation, retreat to a safe place if you can, assess the situation before trying to intervene, and call 911, she said. 

“Your safety is paramount first. First responders know that and work under the adage that you’re not going to be able to help anyone else if you’re not okay or safe yourself.”

13-year-old seriously injured 

In addition, police say a 13-year-old boy was stabbed early Friday morning in the Sargent Park neighbourhood.

Police were called to the area around 1 a.m. where they found the boy with serious injuries. The accused had fled on foot, but were located in the area a short time after police arrived. 

An 18-year-old woman and 17-year-old teen boy were arrested and are facing assault and weapons charges.

McKinnon says the three incidents are not related, and that while they appear extremely violent, police are not seeing a rise in stabbings compared to last year. 

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